JICIL calls for papers from researchers in the areas of technology law, intellectual property, technology law, data protection, privacy, innovation, antitrust law, technological developments, artificial intelligence, data regulation, regulatory, and other areas of law. 

Last date for submission of papers: August 29, 2024
Review Period: September 1-30, 2024
Publication: October 2024

Journal of Innovation, Competition, and Information Law (JICIL) is an annual law journal that focusses on intellectual property, information technology, competition and antitrust in the sectors around technology, media and telecommunications. It covers a wide ambit of subjects such as IP law, media law, technology law, information technology, telecommunications law, regulatory aspects data privacy, protection, data regulation, and other aspects within its fold. 

The journal's editorial board is divided into:
(1) Technology & IP Law Group, which handles technology and IP law related aspects of the journal and covers technology law, regulatory aspects of technology, intellectual property, media law, and other subjects. 
(2) Competition Law Group, handling competition and antitrust issues relevant for the technology sector; and
(3) Data Law Group, which handles information technology, data protection, data regulation and regulatory aspects of technology law. 


The journal is published by Harbinger Enterprises, which is a firm based out of Hyderabad and is one of the leading publishers of law and legal journals. The Harbinger Enterprises group consists of the Publishing Division and Journal managers for each journal through which the publishing aspects of the journal are managed. The Editorial Board exercises significant independence on decisions relating to the journal and its core operations.

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JICIL does not engage in any pay-for-publication or require any author or contributor to pay any publication fees, open-access fee by whatever other name called, for publication of any article. Authors are advised to verify the credentials of any person soliciting such payment. 

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